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Tradition Line

Große Teekur
9 herbs organic
Digestive infusion

Agil Spray
Practical for on the go

Agil Tonic
Invigorating and refreshing

Arnica essence
From traditional harvest

Herbal oil Johann
Handcrafted red oil

House tea infusion
Refreshing "breakfast" Infusion - in teabags

Housetea Blend
Refreshing "breakfast" infusion - loose

Körperfit body tonic
For muscles and joints

Teacup with steamer insert

100 filter bags

Tradition infusion No. 1
Nerve herbs

Tradition infusion No. 10
Influenza herbs - drink and inhale

Tradition infusion No. 107
Flatulence herbs

Tradition infusion No. 11
Herbs to promote bronchial and respiratory activity

Tradition infusion No. 124
Herbs for relaxation before giving birth

Tradition infusion No. 14
Digestion herbs

Tradition infusion No. 141
Herbs to induce sleep

Tradition infusion No. 16
Meno pause herbs

Tradition infusion No. 17
Liver herbs

Tradition infusion No. 19
Diuretic metabolism herbs

Tradition infusion No. 2
Spring cure herbs

Tradition infusion No. 25
Purification herbs

Tradition infusion No. 29
Metabolism herbs - mild

Tradition infusion No. 3
Bladder herbs


Our product categories

Organic infusions

Herbs of outstanding quality from certified organic agriculture are the basis for our wonderful herbal tea blends.


Tradition Line

In the products of the Tradition line you‘ll find infusions and embrocations holding the knowledge of up to 130 years of work with herbal medicine.



Neuner's supplements are created with the aim of supporting people in their different life situations to naturally stay healthy and vital.


the Neuner Cure

The effective natural cure, ideally combined to effectively and easily take your own wellbeing into your own hands.


Detox Experts

Since cleaning and activating the body has often been the basis of treatments of our forefathers, detox and cleansing is still one of the main subjects in the Neuner’s assortment.


Mother & Baby

Thanks to our decades of experience, we can extensively support families with the valuable power of nature. Neuner's products for mother and child are subjected to significantly stricter criteria and limit values than required by law.