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Hans Neuner already worked a lot in South Tyrol and today we are proud to have competent partners in Italy who have Neuner's natural products ready for you! Especially in South Tyrol, you will find trained Neuner's consultants almost everywhere who will use their expertise to put together the optimal Neuner's package for you.

Hans Neuner was very active in South Tyrol for a long time and even today we are proud to have competent partners in Italy who make Neuner's natural products available to you! In particular in South Tyrol you will find expert Neuner's consultants almost everywhere who, thanks to their technical knowledge, will create the optimal Neuner's package for you.

So where to go to get Neuner's quality:

Thaler Vital , Lauben
Estetica Silvia, Claudia Augusta Street

Alchemilla, Stadelgasse

Reformhaus Egger, Am Graben

Eviva Sports , Mariarastweg

Zöggeler Bio Lana, Boznerstraße

Bio Verde, Kennedystraße

The running boutique , Pfarrplatz

organic market, main street

St. Martin im Passeier:
Repisport , Dorfstrasse

Naturkost Löwenzahn, Rathausplatz

Aesthetica Beauty , Romstraße
Sport Laurin , Karerseestraße

Obviously you can also receive the entire range of Neuner's products directly to your home, which you can find in our webshop. We are waiting for your request!

Do you want to offer the wide range of organic herbal teas in tea bags to your customers in the grocery store? Then it's best to contact our sales partner for Italy. The Lona company supplies you with the complete range of products in infusion bags and scores not only with fair conditions, but also with maximum reliability. Of course, we are always happy to reach you directly.

Do you want to offer the wide range of organic infusions in sachets for your food trade customers? Then the best thing to do is to contact our commercial partner for Italy. The Lona company provides you with the full range of sachet products and scores not only on fair terms, but also with the highest level of reliability. Of course we are always available for you directly.

The inimitable Neuner's quality is also available in many herbalist shops outside of South Tyrol. The best solution is for you to write to us where you are and we will promptly provide you with the names of current partners where you can purchase Neuner's herbal tea! Furthermore, you can also write directly to Ibersan, our official partner for herbalist shops in Italy. Samanta Staccoli is happy to help you.