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In our "home market" it is of course particularly important to us that you receive Neuner's products as easily as possible and we are working diligently to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain Neuner's quality.

Neuner's organic herbal tea blends are available in different sorts from Austrian food and drugstores. We are currently represented in the following markets: ADEG, Billa, Billa plus, Bipa, dm drugstore and MPreis. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about which varieties you can find where upon request by telephone or email.

You can order Neuner's treatments, nutritional supplements and rubs from any pharmacy in Austria, usually at no additional cost.

You can also get a selection of our tried and tested products in the health food and organic market chains  Reformstark Martin  and  Denn's Biomarkt , which you are sure to find in your area with around 100 branches throughout Austria.

You can also get Neuner's quality here:

Reiter's Posthotel , Atrium Spa

Lackinger drugstore, Bahnhofstrasse

Senn drugstore, Marktstrasse

Denns BioMarkt, Johann-Pack-Straße 5

Nature & Food , Johannitergasse 6

Operncafe Graz 
Denns BioMarkt, Johanneumring 8-10
Denns BioMarkt, Plüdemanngasse 67

Denns BioMarkt, Anichstraße 5
Denns BioMarkt, Amraser-See-Straße 56

Denns BioMarkt, Völkermarkter Straße 160

Kuchl natural food store , Markt 38

Lech am Arlberg: 

Reformhaus Brunner, Rosengasse

Two Rabbits 
Denns BioMarkt, Kaisergasse 17
Denns BioMarkt, Hammerlingstraße 42-44

Maria Alm:
Hotel Sepp

G'sund and Guat , Pfarrstrasse 11
Rauter drugstore , Pfarrstrasse 147

Mittelberg in the Kleinwalsertal:
Haller's gourmet hotel

Guad and Gsund
Maria's organic meeting

Hotel Gasthof Maria Plain
The Memberg
Basic - organic for everyone  - Alpenstrasse 75
Ökohof Feldinger Vitalia , Universitätsplatz Vitalia , Europark Denns BioMarkt, Sterneckstrasse 31

Sankt Anton am Arlberg:
Apart Alpenleben 
Valluga Hotel

Wellness Residence Schalber , Dorfbahnstraße 15

Pension Kaufmann

St. Pölten:
Denns BioMarkt, Mariazellerstraße 75

Denns BioMarkt, Singerstraße 27, 1010 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Taborstraße 10, 1020 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Margaretenstraße 21, 1040
Denns BioMarkt, Wiedener Hauptstraße 71, 1040 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Kaiserstraße 57-59, 1070 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Lindengasse 15 -17, 1070 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Josefstetter Straße 18, 1080 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Alserstraße 28-30, 1090 Vienna Denns
BioMarkt, Julius-Tandler-Platz 6, 1090 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Lainzer Straße 11-13, 1130 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Hadersdorfer Hauptstraße 33, 1140 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Ottakringer Straße 186, 1160 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Sieveringer Straße 25a, 1190 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Gewerbeparkstraße 12, 1220 Vienna
Denns BioMarkt, Dreistättengasse 2, 1230 Vienna
Reformhaus Buchmüller  - Neubaugasse 17-19, 1070 Vienna
Basic - organic for everyone  - Schönbrunner Straße 222-228, 1120 Vienna