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the nine cure

Personal words and thoughts from Stephanie Neuner

Even as a small child, I was able to witness my mother's great success with Neuner's treatment packages. During peak times, dozens of girls stood in our company building, what felt like day and night, packing treatment packages. Back then, figure optimization and a slim appearance were very important. Many people have had such great success with our treatment packages that they have carried them out diligently and repeated them over and over again. What was special was the incomparable composition of our range of herbal products. This power of nature with which the kidneys and liver are activated, starting a cleansing process in the body and leading to new vitality and lightness in the body.


The new focus


Today, as a grown woman, I understand why the success was so great back then. Our treatment packages are holistic and are simply good for the body! The harmoniously coordinated herbs activate the kidneys and liver, stimulate digestion, and as a side effect often eliminate digestive problems and initiate a natural intestinal cleansing. The herbal teas it contains ensure that people who drink too little, in particular, “flush out” their activated bodies properly and thus optimize the treatment result enormously. Valuable active ingredients can ideally round off this proven combination. Incorporating the treatments into your everyday life once or twice a year as a routine is child's play and you will notice, especially in the long term, how good it is for your body. Today I am particularly pleased that the nine treatments are as effective as ever, However, the main focus is no longer on optimizing our appearance. Rather, people today are concerned with optimizing their inner being. There has been a change in attitude from “slim while you sleep” to “long-term healthy and vital”. I think that's great!


First clean, then care


When I was able to redesign our tried and tested treatment packages a few years ago, I wanted to take this idea further and give people packages that would support them individually in their needs. This is how the + building blocks were created. It turns a simple “mini detox” into a holistic natural treatment that is tailored to your current personal needs.


The + building blocks of the Neuner Kur packages work according to the principle – first clean, then care. We know this principle well from cosmetics, because no reputable beautician would simply apply an ampoule of active ingredient to a face. It will cleanse the skin beforehand in order to make it receptive to absorbing valuable active ingredients and to achieve optimal success. However, you often forget the first step when it comes to valuable active ingredients with which you want to supply your body. That changes with the Neuner Kur + building blocks. They always contain all products from the tried and tested Neuner Kur Basic package, which naturally stimulates the activation and “cleansing” of the metabolism. Each building block includes a plus that you can choose yourself to complete the natural treatment.


More vitality? Here you go !

Better sleep? Of course !

Active cell protection and strengthening the immune system? Logo !

The topic of  the bikini figure  can of course also be asked, because one thing hasn't changed for decades: the beginning of every comfortable weight is a liberated body with an active metabolism.


Today I am very happy, like generations of my family before me, to be able to accompany people with the best of nature, especially in spring and autumn with the Neuner Kur!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help you!


Kind regards, your Stephanie Neuner

Fucus pure Pastilles
Natural iodine and chlorophyll