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Neuner's has been awarded the Green Brand

Nominated through market surveys, our work was tested by Green Brands in a 3-stage, independent validation process for sustainability, environmental compatibility and authenticity. After we passed this test very well, our company was awarded the Green Brands Award.

GREEN BRANDS are brands that have been awarded the quality seal and make a significant contribution to protecting the climate, the environment, nature, biodiversity and resources. We produce in an environmentally friendly manner, always act with regard to our own shared responsibility for the preservation of natural resources and are highly committed to the preservation and balance of nature as well as sustainability.

We are very pleased about this great honor, which now also confirms through an internationally recognized and tested seal that we “fill our sustainability work with life” honestly and authentically. We are very happy about this great award and hope it also supports your motivation and conviction in working with our family business!

You can find more information directly from  Green Brands

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