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Thoughts for the New Year

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

A special year is behind us and you could slowly become tired of the ever new challenges, the crises and bad news. However, one could also turn to the numerous good news. Every day wonderful things happen to us, things change for the better and new things arise that bring joy. You just have to open your eyes to it!

We wish you for the Advent season and the end of 2022 that you will look for such a small miracle every day and be happy about it. Take the new practice with you into the new year and give your loved ones time and attention. So with every little gesture, with every little look, the world becomes better, friendlier and warmer. We wish you that with all our hearts!

 Sin? Yes, please. But right!

Mulled wine, cookies, Christmas roast – whatever you enjoy most during the “quiet time”, enjoy it to the fullest! However, like a scale that needs a weight in both bowls to be balanced, you shouldn't just pour something into one bowl. Does the stomach have to put in “extra shifts” to digest all the good food? We'll help out and brew ourselves a cup of  No. 9 - Stomach Herbs . Are there a few more drinks for New Year's Eve? Of course we say and occasionally brew  No. 17 – Liver Herbs  . Herbs have the power to bring our body back into its natural balance. Let's use this power and give him what helps him do his job faster and more effectively.

Essential oils, bitter and tannins, saponins, mucilage and countless secondary plant ingredients combined correctly are a blessing for our body. With  Hans Neuner's original mixtures,  we have an incomparable range of herbal knowledge and experience at our disposal with which you can fill the second scale.

Are there any questions about this? Get in touch – we’ll be happy to advise you!

Fucus pure Pastilles
Natural iodine and chlorophyll