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How you can now holistically strengthen your immune system

A healthy immune system protects our body from outside invaders such as viruses and bacteria as well as from free radicals, which often arise from metabolic processes and can damage our cells. We develop this healthy immune system primarily in our childhood and when all the pillars on which it is built are strong, we can enjoy the best of health. A healthy and varied diet, sufficient exercise in the fresh air and of course a balanced, harmonious living situation are important factors that form these supporting pillars. However, it often happens that at least one of these pillars is disrupted by external influences, such as environmental pollution or stress, as well as negative habits such as hectic or poor eating, too little exercise and sluggishness.

Very often it even happens that several columns wobble at the same time, for example when we have a lot on our minds, can't eat properly and are too tired in the evening to go for a walk. Especially in such moments, the body often does not have the entire arsenal of defense available that it needs to stand up to all intruders. We become more susceptible to colds and illnesses.

Therefore, you should try to keep these supporting pillars as strong as possible. Especially then it makes sense to take precautions and, for example to strengthen yourself before autumn, to make the body's work much easier with a few sensibly put together extras:

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins
Vitamins are grandmasters when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system.
Vitamin C, which we need in relatively large quantities, should be provided in sufficient quantities, especially during the infection period, and not only strengthens the immune system, but also protects the cells from free radicals.

Vitamin D can be produced by the body itself, but for this it requires sunlight, which unfortunately becomes scarce, especially in winter. Actively supplying it from outside is therefore particularly important now in order to prevent a deficiency.

Vitamin E is also an often underestimated vitamin that literally helps the body stay fresh. The advantage of all of these vitamins - in addition to their strengthening power for the immune system, they protect the cells from free radicals and thus prevent premature skin aging. This is particularly good news for smokers.

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The vital microbiome
As useful and important as it is to strengthen the body with vitamins, if our intestinal flora is damaged, that's only half the battle. A vital intestinal flora, a vital microbiome of the body, is the basic requirement for a functioning immune system. Up to 70% of the immune defense comes directly from the gut. As welcome as it is that today, when antibiotics are prescribed, probiotics are often prescribed in parallel, we often find that too little variation in bacteria does not bring enough vitality into the intestine and unfortunately does not do the build-up work that is necessary. to promote a vital microbiome.

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Stay clean
We actually know the routine – first clean, then care – from the cosmetics industry. No reputable beautician would think of putting an ampoule of active ingredient into an uncleaned face! The same applies to beauty and, above all, health from the inside. If we want effective nutritional supplements to really help, we should prepare the body for this benefit in order to ensure absorption as best as possible. Staying clean is the motto and the most effective natural remedies for this activate the main cleansing organs of our body (kidneys and liver) in order to activate the metabolism and clean it naturally. Afterwards, useful nutritional supplements have an even more intensive effect and the body remains vital, active and healthy.

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We wish you an active autumn and a healthy and vital start into the winter! Take your health into your own hands and look after yourself - we would be happy to support you.

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