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Stress goes away

The powerful duo for strong nerves

At Neuner's it has always been our passion to find the reason for the symptoms our body shows us. Overwork, nervous tension, sleep problems - symptoms like these and their numerous variations all indicate that our body is overloaded. In addition, it often happens that, especially in such phases, we are consumed by worries and fears and many challenges rain down on us at the same time. During these times, our nerves are put under excessive strain, which means our body needs more nutrients.

At the same time, it is often precisely these phases in which we take even less time for balanced, fresh and carefully prepared meals. So for the process in which we should provide our body with exactly the more vital substances it needs. It is these times when we can support our body and provide it with the extra it so urgently needs in the form of holistic nutritional supplements.

Vital in the morning, sleep well in the evening

The Vital Royal & Sleep Well elixirs provide the body with a wealth of valuable active ingredients that are particularly designed to sustainably strengthen the nerves. At the same time, they are designed according to the principle of immediate effect and long-term effect and have an immediate, not only long-term effect. The Vital Royal Elixir pampers your nerves and metabolism with a cocktail of the complete vitamin B complex with the vital substances they need to function well. Highly concentrated royal jelly also provides an incomparable complex of essential amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and building nutrients. This way the whole body is strengthened and revitalized. In addition, the amino acid taurine and natural guarana help you get going properly in the morning and start the day vitally.

The day ends with a sleep well elixir and receives vitamin C before going to bed for active cell protection and to strengthen the body's own defenses. An extra portion of vitamin B2 at the end of the day supports the body's natural nerve function. The choline it contains strengthens the nerve fibers overnight and ensures long-term recovery and regeneration, especially in tension-related nervous conditions. While the nutrients build up the body in the long term, melatonin and the amino acid tryptophan ensure restful sleep and optimal regeneration. Tryptophan in particular stimulates the body's production of the sleep hormone serotonin and works without being addictive.

It's the combination that counts

As wonderful as both products work individually, it has been shown again and again that in particularly challenging times the combination of the two really works wonderfully. Of course you can't solve challenges with that. You can't make double stress easier, and you can't just magic away difficult situations, but you can ensure that your body remains strong despite these moments. That overload gives way to inner serenity again. Worries and fears no longer collide with delicate and overstressed nerves and overall health remains more stable.

Our nerve treatment recommendation is therefore:

  • Vital elixir in the morning   sleep well elixir in the evening  , 10 ml each (1 bottle = 24 day treatment)
  • To prevent mild overload – 1-2 bottles each
  • For prolonged, severe overload – 2-3 bottles each
  • In case of persistent overload - after a break of 1-2 months, 1 bottle each

You can repeat this intake every quarter and will increasingly feel and notice when you should treat yourself to an extra portion to replenish your energy reserves.

Do you have any questions about it? Then please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

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