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Spring cleaning in our bodies

The house we live in

We put a lot of strain on our bodies every day. More sleep, a healthier diet and more exercise are just the most urgent warnings we receive. At the same time, our environment is anything but ideal for the basis of long-term health. We are familiar with exhaust gases, electrosmog, pesticides, fertilizers and many other buzzwords and they all represent the contamination and pollution of our earth and therefore our lives.

Our bodies are confronted with these stresses every day. He's working at full speed to cope with all of this and it's not too rare that he can't keep up with the clean-up work. That the burden is too much for him. We become more susceptible to diseases, bacteria and viruses. Our immune system is so busy dealing with the daily and postponed demands that all it takes is a small attack on the system and we are left lying flat.

Of course, the most important basis for preventing this is to enrich your daily life with a few simple rules.

Of course, this includes drinking enough water, eating consciously and getting plenty of exercise in the fresh air. Sensible additions of important active substances such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements to compensate for deficiencies are also helpful ways to compensate for the deficiencies that arise every day.


But what about the ballast?

Imagine putting a bag of trash in front of your door every day. Your neighbors do this too. And the garbage collection comes once a week. But she can't take all the trash bags with her. More and more garbage bags are left on the street every week. Soon you won't be able to walk the streets anymore. Then you need more than just one measure to clear the streets of rubbish. The garbage disposal essentially has to put in a few “extra shifts”.

A tried-and-tested way of adding in such “extra layers” is through sensibly put together detox treatments. With just a two-week treatment you can find your way back to a path of health and freedom. Get rid of the ballast of past years and clear the way for new things.


Herbs are the solution

With the targeted use of proven, high-quality, i.e. effective, herbs, our organs are stimulated to work harder again. The “filters” of our body, namely the liver and kidneys, are cleaned. Acids that have accumulated in the body due to medication, unhealthy diet and environmental toxins are neutralized. Our metabolism becomes as active again as it needs to be to keep the cells healthy and resistant.

Fatigue becomes lightness. Sensitivity becomes strength. Heaviness becomes energy.


Your body is the house in which you live

He is capable of anything if you support him to give the best that he can. Give him this chance and help him stay healthy!

Fucus pure Pastilles
Natural iodine and chlorophyll