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Pink Ribbon Promotion 2022

Pink Ribbon Promotion 2022

We have been proud partners of the Pink Ribbon Campaign of the Austrian Cancer Aid for 6 years now. As part of this partnership, after a 2-year break, we can finally release the much-awaited organic herbal tea blend Pink Blend again this year, which is now available in a limited edition. With a mixture of wonderful “women’s herbs” and the incomparable aroma of organic rose oil, it captivates the senses and lets us dream of 1001 nights when we enjoy it.

Proceeds from the sale of our Pink Blend BIO benefit the Pink Ribbon Campaign of the Austrian Cancer Aid, which finances the care and immediate aid of those affected. In addition, the campaign primarily provides valuable educational work about the importance of early detection of breast cancer through regular checks and examinations.

The Pink Ribbon campaign has been raising awareness of breast cancer prevention in Austria for 20 years in a particularly charming way. We warmly congratulate you on this! The help that is provided beyond that as a Pink Ribbon Partner is a great pleasure for us!

We warmly invite you to find out more about this topic and recommend that you   visit the official Pink Ribbon campaign website.

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