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Neuner's new sustainable packaging


How come? For what reason? Why?

Questions and answers on the topic of sustainability

What's new at Neuner's?
In short, from summer 2019, Neuner's will produce all herbal and fruit herbal teas in infusion bags with packaging material that can be 100% disposed of in waste paper.

Then Neuner's will be practically plastic-free in the future?
Thanks to the various changes, we will save 100% of the packaging plastic previously used for these ranges every year in the future! This is a lot even for a small family business like Neuner's and means for our customers that with Neuner's they not only have the best quality in their tea cup, but can also enjoy it with a clear conscience towards the environment.

Why are outer bags used at all? Couldn't we just save them?
That would be fatal, because Neuner's herbal and fruit herbal teas not only meet the highest quality standards and food standards, but far exceed them. In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we carry out close checks for pollutants and residues. These strict quality criteria guarantee the best effect and highest safety for Neuner's products. Of course, such high-quality products need to be protected, because the energy, time and work that went into the products from cultivation to packaging would be wasted if there was no protection from adequate packaging.

What do you actually protect with such an outer bag?
Herbs and fruits in the practical infusion bag are finely chopped. This so-called fine cut has a lot of surface area, through which it very quickly loses valuable ingredients. In the area of ​​delicious teas, it is primarily about the already very volatile essential oils. That's why we've been protecting Neuner's herbal and fruit herbal teas in tea bags from loss of quality for almost 20 years by being one of the first providers to use high-quality aroma protection films to preserve the valuable ingredients of our award-winning herbal teas. In this way, we were able to effectively stop the loss of these natural powerhouses on the way to the customer.

Why only now?
Unfortunately, the outer bag material that was able to provide this protection was not sustainable in the past and was also difficult to recycle as a composite material. That's why we've been looking intensively for years for a truly sustainable and at the same time high-quality alternative for the important aroma protection that we could also process. So-called “organic plastic” is not very sustainable for us and is therefore not an alternative and rotting materials were also out of the question for us, as the sealing and aroma protection layers that are undoubtedly present would remain in the resulting soil after rotting, which we clearly reject.

The new packaging paper that Neuner's is now using is currently being used by a few European manufacturers for selected products due to the enormous additional costs. We, on the other hand, convert all organic herbal and fruit herbal teas to this quality. This makes us one of the pioneers in our industry when it comes to sustainability, something we are very proud of.

Are all tea packs now available in stores in the new packaging?
We have tried very hard to keep our inventory levels as low as possible until autumn so that we can deliver the new packaging to retailers as quickly as possible. If we didn't sell finished, flawless goods, we would have to dispose of them, which would be the worst decision, especially in terms of sustainability. That's why the packs will be delivered to retailers according to the first in/first out principle and all new packs will gradually be available in stores. We really hope that customers will understand and, well, the more diligently the old packaging is bought, the faster the new ones will get on the shelf. In any case, our customers can easily identify the new outer bags because they carry a corresponding note about the possibility of disposal in waste paper.

Is there anything else new?
As part of this largest relaunch since our organic conversion, we have also carried out a visual revitalization of the existing ranges and are also introducing a new line called Pure Natur. Among other things, you can also find a wonderful new organic herbal tea here, namely the wonderfully spicy variety of ginger turmeric. Our customers constantly receive news, information and updates on our website and via the social media Facebook and Instagram.

As part of the extensive adjustments to the packaging, we are in the process of anchoring a sustainability strategy in the company and are becoming not only one of the highest quality but also most sustainable organic herbal tea manufacturers in Europe.

Best organic quality, sustainable packaging and full taste from the Tyrolean herbal specialist - conscious herbal tea connoisseurs can only find this combination at Neuner's!

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