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Individual nature cures

die Neuner Kur | Body +

Purify | Relieve | Detoxify

We would like to invite you to think about what you want to do good for your body until spring! A lot accumulates over the course of a year. Here and there there is something lying around that no one knows exactly how it ended up there and because it doesn't bother you that much, it just continues to stand around and collect dust. Then one more little thing comes along and before you know it you have a big pile of rubbish lying around and it's time for new order and cleaning!

This image from the household can be transferred to our body and give it some relief in the spring. Today you can design this relief individually.

Many packages – one goal: natural relief and sustainable health care

Treatment packages have been our great passion for four decades and our secret for long-term, natural health care for five generations. With all our know-how from this experience, we have put together the Neuner cure packages. All you have to do is decide which one is best for you right now and then you can get started!

Stimulate metabolism , achieve and maintain a comfortable weight

the Neuner Kur Body +

Fight fatigue and lack of energy, strengthen your nerves

the Neuner Kur Vital +

Fight insomnia , find lightness

the nine cure sleep +

Regulate the acid-base balance , throw off old ballast , deacidify

the nine Kur bases +

In between, as little (time) effort as possible, “mini detox”

the Neuner Kur basic package

Relieve, activate & build up after challenging phases

Construction package

Fucus pure Pastilles
Natural iodine and chlorophyll