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Health is not everything...


...but without health everything is nothing

This quote from Arthur Schopenhauer has shaped our work year in and year out for a very long time. When putting together our products and our range, we have committed ourselves to providing society with valuable resources through our products. We want to help you to accompany your everyday life in such a way that you feel healthy and vital. Of course, this also includes support in times of illness and convalescence. The fact that we achieve this goal so often and impressively is proven by your numerous, positive feedback and long-term customer relationships that we are able to experience again and again.

Prevention is better than cure
This almost 200 year old quote is still very relevant. In times of uncertainty and fears surrounding the novel corona virus, it takes on particular importance. Careful behavior in society, solidarity towards our fellow human beings and compliance with good hygiene practices should be a natural part of our everyday lives. However, we should also remember that we can actively care for our health, especially in times of health. Healthy nutrition and exercise, regular relief, attention to organs that may have been exposed to great stress in the past, maintaining healthy intestinal flora - these are all such simple measures. In the best case scenario, you will often not even notice their value because you simply remain vital and healthy.

We are always able to support you and many people with our products in staying healthy and vital. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this trust!

Promote holistic health
In addition to physical challenges, for example because viruses place particular demands on the immune system, psychological stress can also have a major impact on the body. That's why you should always think about holistic health care. Not only does our immune system do particularly important work during times of infection, but our entire nervous system and organic metabolism are also challenged. In a modern society in which we receive numbers and information instantly, anytime and anywhere, these systems also experience enormous stress. This stress in the nervous system and metabolism means that the body needs more vital substances in order to stay healthy and continue to work and function properly. Often we don't even notice this additional need, but only notice it when we can relax again, for example on vacation.

What can you do?
Many people are familiar with this situation when they get sick on the first day of their long-awaited vacation. Such situations can definitely be prevented and the body can be provided with the additional nutrients it needs. In addition to a balanced diet, preferably fresh, seasonal and regional foods that are freshly and carefully prepared, you can effectively cover this additional requirement with sensibly formulated nutritional supplements. Minerals such as magnesium and vitamins such as the B complex are particularly good for our bodies. Natural energy suppliers such as royal jelly nourish the body holistically and maintaining the health of the complex intestinal flora is particularly important in these times for a functioning immune system and optimal nutrient absorption. Neuner's Magnesium extra powder , the tried-and-tested  Vital Royal Elixir  and the valuable  Flora plus capsules,  along with other products, are helpful companions, especially in times like these, and support the body not only in staying healthy but also in feeling good.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Fucus pure Pastilles
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