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Detox with the phases of the moon

Der Einfluss der Mondphasen auf unseren Körper und wie wir davon profitieren

The influence of the moon phases on our bodies and how we benefit from them 

As a companion to our planet, the moon moves our oceans every day and not only influences the lives of the people who live directly by and with the sea, but also has a strong influence on our bodies. Humans are made up of 70% water, which even the “unlearned” suggests that the phases of the moon have a strong influence on our organism.

What was often dismissed as insignificant a few decades ago, our ancestors have long known and is increasingly being rediscovered by our modern society, namely the meaningfulness of living in harmony with the moon. We have long known that our “heavenly companion” has an influence on many processes in our lives, even if we live far away from the sea and do not experience these influences in the form of the tides several times a day. Today, not only are visits to the hairdresser scheduled according to the moon or operations are planned according to its influence, but also the tried and tested detoxification and fasting should definitely take the moon phases into account.

Detox with the moon

Hans Neuner has repeatedly found in his ordination that people who detoxify, activate their excretory organs or fast, report more problems when the moon is waxing than when the moon is waning. There are two very simple reasons for this. The first reason is that in this phase our body more easily produces what we want to elicit from it during a detoxifying treatment. Likewise, when the moon is waxing, it is more receptive to nutrients and active ingredients, which suggests taking nourishing supplements and elixirs during the waxing moon phase. If you pay attention to these little things, you can benefit even more from draining and feeding products.

The next very good reason for paying attention to the moon phases when relieving the body is that it detoxifies more through urine and stool when the moon is waning, and more through the skin when the moon is waxing. Hans Neuner made this observation many times in his practice and adjusted his therapies accordingly to the phases of the moon. The skin, as the largest excretory organ in our body, naturally plays an important role when we want to cleanse our body. At the same time, people regularly report negative experiences with skin blemishes during fasting treatments. Per se, one could always be happy about reactions from the body like these during a treatment, as they show that changes are occurring in the metabolism. Of course you are not happy about increased skin imperfections, especially since skin blemishes are an ideal area of ​​application for such treatments. That's why you should, if possible, but especially if you are prone to skin problems, make sure that you carry out the treatment during the waning moon phase.

Long-term vital and healthy

Therapeutic fasting and  detoxification treatments  are wonderful contributions to holistic and long-term health. Cleansing the cleansing organs, stimulating the excretory organs and relieving the strain on the tissues and metabolism have many positive side effects and help the body to stay strong and healthy in the long term. Since we at Neuner's know the importance of the moon phases in this context, we have put together our treatment packages so that the draining, detoxifying treatment phases fit ideally into the phase of the waning moon and we always recommend doing so directly on the day after the full moon, if possible  the nine cure Start packages. Because if we know and respect nature and its influence on our lives, we can optimally benefit from the best of nature!

Let's summarize:

  • Detoxify, purify and relieve stress during the waning moon
  • Nourish, build, strengthen with the waxing moon
  • By detoxifying when the moon is waning you can avoid skin impurities
  • The Waning Moon begins on the full moon day
  • Each moon phase lasts 2 weeks

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