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Cough, runny nose, hoarseness

Natürlich und schnell wieder gesund und fit!

Naturally and quickly get healthy and fit again

Every year, respiratory diseases accompany us through the cold season. Herbs are a wonderful solution here in particular and not only accompany us naturally but also helpfully through this time. However, as always with herbs, it is important to mix them correctly to get the right tea for the problem at hand. With his unique wealth of experience from over 70 years of work as a naturopath, Hans Neuner has put together the following mixtures for us: 

Tradition herbal tea No.7  - For deep-seated mucus, the lungs and bronchi as well as for prevention, support and aftercare for lung diseases. 

Tradition Herbal Tea No. 10 - For flu-like infections, to support sweaty applications and to be able to live out fixed infections better. Ideal for inhaling!

Tradition herbal tea No. 11  - For colds and colds of the upper respiratory tract and sinuses, for head catarrhs. Since it is not bitter, this tea is wonderful for children. Here we only recommend 1 teaspoon of herbs/cup and half the steeping time.

We have a few additional recommendations for preparing and using the teas:

  • Prepare each tea separately and fresh every day. Do not use boiler water for this.
  • 2-3 cups daily for acute complaints, 1 cup for prevention and aftercare.

  • Extend the drinking time at least 1-2 weeks after the symptoms have subsided.

  • Repeat the intake after 2-3 months to naturally stimulate the organ again.
  • Unlike usual, this tradition allows herbal teas to be sweetened with real honey.

In addition to traditional herbal teas, we have also bundled the power of plants in our liquid cough drops. Our tried and tested  plant juice PEC  is popular with young and old. It contains what works, namely herbal extracts, honey and a decoction of dried figs.

In addition, it is particularly important to pay attention to good digestion and, of course, to help with constipation. The mild  Tradition herbal tea No. 14  is ideal for digestion as well as our wonderful  Flora plus capsules .

Stay healthy and if you get itchy and nothing works anymore, trust in the power of the herbs and get fit again quickly!

Fucus pure Pastilles
Natural iodine and chlorophyll