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Nederland & Belgium

Neuner’s Nederland is our official Partner in the Netherlands and dutch speaking Belgium. With Miranda Peerebom as the passionate and competent person leading Neuner's Nederland you will find your perfect advisor for all products of the wholistic and naturally effective Neuner's assortment. Head on to to find the latest information on Neuner's and partner shops in your region.

To become a local partner and offer the outstanding Neuner's premium quality herbs and tried and tested recipes of Neuner’s products to your precious clients, checkout and do not hesitate to contact Neuner’s Nederland.

To find Neuner's quality online in the Netherlands visit and place your order whenever it's comfortable for you. Looking for products beyond our assortment? Never hesitate to contact us via phone +31 226 712312 or  if you have questions or wishes, we'll be glad to fulfill them.

The Neuner's Nederland Team is looking forward to hear from you!