Alois Neuner

The actual origins of the Neuner family are in the Zillertal Valley in Tyrol.
It was there in 1884 that the legendary herb practitioner Alois Neuner, popularly known as “Kiendler” (1863 – 1934), began to acquire a reputation
as a healer, as people from far afield, even beyond the national borders,
made their way into the Zillertal Valley to seek his help.

Hans Neuner

How natures healing forces can return one to health was demonstrated to Hans Neuner (1917 – 1994) personally, when he cured himself from glaucoma. Thus, he was predestined to take up his vocation as a healer. In over 35 years, utterly committed to the people’s health, Hans Neuner treated more than 1.5 million people from around the world with herbal and natural remedies, based on his unique knowledge about naturopathic treatment methods.

Amongst other things, he acquired a reputation as the “Tyrolean baby-maker”, thanks to his ability to help many a childless couples to have children.

Hans Neuner gained remarkable thanks and appreciation for his successful activity. These included the Golden Medal of Honour of the Republic of Austria, the Medal of Honour of the Province of Tyrol and the Papal medical order “Commendatore di Gratiae”.

Doris Neuner

Stephanie Neuner

Today Doris Neuner works with her daughter Stephanie Neuner for preserving traditional knowledge and combining it with the latest acknowledgements of modern science. Every step Neuner’s takes is driven by the wish to make people more careful about their health and building audience for the power of natural remedies.
It is their aim to provide high quality products that enable people to maintain their most important asset - their health.

For prevention is easier than cure.