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the Neuner Cure | Sleep +

the Neuner Cure | Sleep +

2 phase cure - regeneration


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Product information "the Neuner Cure | Sleep +"


With Sleep + you are holding the ideal package in your hand to not only relieve and activate your body, but also to supply it with nutrients so that it can relax and find peace.


Detox elixir – this Elixir contains a balanced mixture of herbal extracts that activate your liver and kidneys. It is very important to care especially for these organs as they are working as filters and as all filters we use in our daily lives, they should be cleaned frequently. With the natural power of the contained herbs your liver and kidneys will work more intense and so clean themselves. This usually will lead up to a more active digestion and is very pleasing for people that have hard stool and digestion problems.
Sleep well elixir - this elixir contains the soothing herbal extract of balm that traditionally promotes healthy sleep. The contained Vitamin B2 strengthens the nervous system while Vitamin C helps to maintain a normal immune system that can cope with external influences such as free radicals and pollution. Choline, a substance found in nerve cells, helps to strengthen these nerve cells as it nourishes them effectively and naturally. All these ingredients promote the regeneration of spirit and mind that most often are the cause for sleeplessness and restlessness.
Organic infusions “Cleansing”, "Balance Active" and “Mate green” – Drinking enough is very important for your mental and physic health. Especially as you are detoxing your body it is important to bring out what your body does not need anymore and therefore you need to drink enough. Don’t sweet your infusion, avoid pure juices and soft drinks that contain huge amounts of sugar.

Daily routine

Morning: take 10 ml of Detox elixir, you can also mix it into your infusion or water if you wish. Shake the elixir well before taking it and keep it in the freezer once it is opened as it does not contain preservatives.
During the day: Drink plenty of Neuner's organic infusions and water, your goal should be to drink 2-3 liters per day
Evening: take 10 ml of Detox Elixir

After the 12 days Neuner Cure finish start taking the contained Sleep well Elixir. Take 10 ml of it in the evening and try to continue drinking plenty of water and unsweetened herbal infusion during your day.

The cure package contains:
1 x Neuner’s Detox elixir
1 x Neuner's Sleep well elixir
1 x Neuner’s Balance Active organic infusion (former name: Detox Active organic)
1 x Neuner’s Cleansing organic infusion
1 x Neuner’s Maté green organic infusion

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